Body Consulting

By Aurora Brown


Meet Aurora, Your Body Consultant

I am a Massage Therapist and your personal Body Consultant. With over 5 years experience trained in Thai Massage, Deep Tissue, Watsu and Yoga Therapy. I specialize in moving energy in the body, this allows for you to be captured at your best releasing painful restrictions in your body from stress and pain. From hydration to muscle tension I provide everything necessary for you to just focus on providing the right energy for every photo in your

As an assistant at your shoots, my job is to attend to anything that will help bring life, beauty and ease into every photo. I am your helping hand keeping clothing and hair together, bringing water and refreshments, to foot and back massages during your photo session.

You can select expanded body work services as an additional ad on service to any shoot to provide pre or post yoga sessions to help relax the tension in your body before or after your shoot. There I set up a massage table or Thai Mats to bring even more relaxation to a successful photo shoot session.. Make your photoshoot an Experience with the Body Consulting add on service, Book Today.

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